SiteLink Administrator

Instructor:  James Renouf
Course Dates: Open-ended
Enrollment Dates: Enroll Anytime
Who can Enroll: Anyone
Course Language: English
Price:  FREE

About the Course

SiteLink Administrator

As a store's SiteLink Administrator, you are able to use the SiteLink Setup menu to customize many different areas of the program. Setup employees access levels to SiteLink, the contents of your documents, pricing, your overdue client schedule and more. This course will teach you how to customize your settings to best fit your business. A score of 100% must be achieved for each unit of this course to receive your SiteLink Administrator certification.

By the end of the course, you will have the knowledge to make changes in SiteLink's Setup and understand how those affect the program.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Throughout the duration of these courses, we highly recommend making use of SiteLink's demo database. Go to your SiteLink Web Edition Login screen and type "demo" into each of the text fields and then login. While learning each unit, try out the explanations in the Demo database to enhance your training. Using the "demo" login credentials ensures no unwanted testing or changes are made to your facility's database. If you are evaluating the SiteLink software for purchase, please contact to receive a link to download the full version demo software.

Course Structure

  • Setup Training - Program Setup: Part 1
    • Setup Training - Program Setup: Part 2
      • Setup Training - Program Setup: Part 3
        • Setup Training - Program Setup: Part 4
          • Setup Training #1 - Form Setup
            • Setup Training #2 - Charges
              • Setup Training #3 - Insurance
                • Setup Training #4 - Past Due Schedule
                  • Setup Training #5 - Discount Plan Setup
                    • Setup Training #6 - Customer Relationship Management Setup
                      • Setup Training #7 - Gate Setup
                        • Setup Training #8 - Merchandise Setup
                          • Setup Training #9 - Employees
                            • Setup Training #10 - Security Levels
                              • Setup Training #11 - Tenant Defaults
                                • Setup Training #12 - Modify Units
                                  • Setup Training #13 - Adding Units
                                    • Setup Training #14 - Deleting Units
                                      • Setup Training #15 - Email Setup
                                        • Setup Training #16 - Credit Card Setup
                                          • Setup Training #17 - Marketing Setup
                                            • Setup Training #18 - Accounting Codes
                                              • Setup Training #19 - ePhotos & eFiles
                                                • Setup Training #20 - eSign


                                                  James Renouf
                                                  James Renouf
                                                  James Renouf is the Corporate Trainer here at SiteLink. James has been with SiteLink for over 17 years and leads the training department. His strong accounting background is very beneficial to the customers he trains. James holds a bachelor's degree in both accounting and information systems.

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